Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wishes & Dreams

Never have I laid my head to rest and dreamt of anything worldly.

All my fantasies are simple & attainable.

Never have I turned my head towards my Lord and asked for anything luxiours & unnecessary.

Have I ever owned anything which brought me contentment?


I gaze at the ornaments that distract me from my goal & eventually realize they serve no purpose t me.

But I still look at them with adornment & cling to it like a fool.

I then open my eyes and realize that reality is beyond the glitter which eluded my soul.

I sit back and think deeply; I dwelve deeply into the abyss of my shallow heart and realize my dreams & wishes

All I ever crave is be the champion of my own self,

Conquerer & Emperor of my battles

I look towards my long time companion,

The friend whose betrayed me, and I blindly wander back to him like a fool & listen to his words of faux wisdom.

He averts me from my dreams & makes me forget that I am a man of foresight

The stupor of intoxication is like the cloud that hides the sun from it's audience - it's confuses their mood for only a little while

Only hope and faith reminds me that the sun will shine through - and only then will I realize, that I never needed the sun to dream.

All I needed was a litte clarity & a good nights rest.


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