Thursday, September 08, 2011

Visions, Omens, and Inspirations

i looked deeply into my heart and saw the conclusion of this chapter in my life far sooner than it was destined to happen. i look into my soul and see what others fail to see because i ask the all knowing for wisdom and knowledge. i start a chapter, knowing how it will end, and write the story as the days go by. i sometimes wish i didnt know the end far before it ever happens, but than i see it as a blessing because when it happens, the shock is not painful.

i sit and i question my purpose on this planet and wonder what is god's wisdom when he decides to show me the conclusion of the story before it starts. how will it help me write the story? will knowing my end result change my approach to the situation. i don't know, but what i'm sure is that knowing the conclusion too soon is a mixed blessing, it may soften the impact of the outcome, but it never leaves you in a state of anxiety. sometimes, that anxious feeling is an effect driving force for good.

i feel, in my heart, and see in my mind the signs of god informing me of a good or bad situation ahead. a feeling feels distant, and a thought becomes rational when the situation is difficult. when the situation is good, i feel the signs of god warm up my heart and my thoughts become child-like.

i see in my dreams the life of a young 13 year old boy who begun to realize the consequences of inaction and the gains from attempt. i see, in my dreams a world that my heart pursues when my mind is unconscious in the long hours of the work day. could it be that i am witnessing the reality which defines this world? that life lack realism and purpose if you dont spend your hours amasing wisdom and knowledge. these 2 assets expose the truth:

days are short, good work should never be shyed away from, making others feel a sense of self-worth, and ensuring your hours were used wisely are the most important thing to never forget.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Humility, but not too much.

I will always remain true to who I am.
Both imperfections and perfections.
Something's will change about me; other aspects will stay the same.
I am a king in my own mind, and a prince amongst my loved ones.
I will taste death for the sake of honour, and not waste a moment in pursuit of vanity.
God's judgement is sufficient on the day of Judgement; but in the coming years ahead - his lessons manifest through the lessons I learn through people.
I am, at my best, a humble man.
I am, at my worst, an anxious man.
I am, on a daily basis, a man with one thing to prove.
That anyone can do well; anyone can become educated; anyone can ascend; anyone can love; anyone can prosper.
In this life, and the hereafter.
I am, a humble man.
But every so often I loose my humility and exchange it for pride.
This pride be sinful? I'm not sure.
But it is in self-defense; in defense of my humble nature.
I'm tired of being spoken to as if my words have little weight.
I'll honour and respect you, but I ask of you for one favor in return.
Don't you dare stomp on my humility, because it doesn't take kindly to your pride.