Friday, March 02, 2007

Tests, Tests, Tests.

Funny isn't it? when you walk into class and you see the busy youngin's smiling and contemplating their ventures for the day, you wonder...what struggles to these people encounter?

Their glowing faces and bright smiles tend to mask their pains; almost to the point where you might even think their lives are almost pain free.

Obviously, that's not true, every one of your mates, regardless of how big and bright their smiles might be, have something that's breaking their hearts. At the very least, it probably crosses their hearts every week.

Would it be fair to assume it crosses their minds daily? maybe even hourly? maybe the thoughts are so often, it distracts them from their obligations?

Maybe they're better at managing their internal life, quite possibly....they could have mastered the art of struggle & it doesn't phase them, it becomes second nature.

Too many maybes, not enough I'll stop asking questions and move on to my point.

If any of you take your struggles as seriously as I do; see them as tests. See them as something you need to prepare for, plan it like a war. Plan it as if you know you'll loose a lot, plan them knowing you'll come out injured. But may I make my point clear....never cease to gather each and every lesson from that test; whether you passed or failed.

My second point is, make this your personal responsibility & think about it as if it is your life's goal. Teach yourself, condition your weak & fragile heart to never loose it's cool; for "us as humans" this is the greatest attribute. It pieces together patience, wisdom, self-control, through thinking, conflict resolution & so many other priceless spirits that you will become someone with as much magnitude as a deep loving mother.

It's not easy, I know; if I had the formula to it, I would give it to everyone. I would dedicate my life to giving to everyone.

Bas khaleey'neh oulkoun sheh, iza badkoun seeroo haleem, lazem balshou bi' imankoun.
(But let me tell you something, if you want to become forbaring; you must start with purifying your soul).

You cannot start this by thinking of it as a "task" oriented process (i.e, if you want to be strong willed, you need to follow steps 1, 2, 3), it's far more complicated; when I find out, I'll let you know.

If you do know, please feel free to share you knowledge.


z3tr said...

So to summarize:
1) treat it as a test
2) stay cool
3) always work on the faith in your character

i guess we have different ways of dealing with struggles. indeed they should never deter us from our holiest dreams. but sometimes they do!

Hassan said...

So Z3tr,

Whats your approach....?