Sunday, March 04, 2007

If there's gonna be a revolution, it's gotta start in your bedroom

Change is not easy.
Breaking bad habits is war.

Lets face it, our society is plagued by addiction. Things like, "shopaholics", gambling addictions, cigarettes, alcohol, video games, over eating, sex addiction et cetera, et cetera & et cetera. Almost anything and everything can be qualified as "addictive".

A bad addiction tends to keep you away from duties, it stops you from reaching your potential, it consumes precious time and oppresses your heart.

Only the ignorant and foolish say using your heart to make decisions is unwise. Let me make it clear....your brain cannot explore the depths of this universe without a strong willed and good heart.

If your brain is the universe, than your heart is the vessel that allows to travel within it.

However, the aspect of the heart is a very complicated one. It's not just a muscle that pumps blood;

It's also a fertile plot of land, waiting for the seed of a blooming flower that forever gives off beauty.
It seeks to be cultivated;

It begs for contentment,
It yearns to be pure,

Anyways...anyone who desires a revolution, who wants to see change or simply, wants to make someone glow a warm smile, than their hearts need to be free; or at least working towards freedom.

Issues like compulsion and addiction are like shackles around the ankles and wrists; you become imprisoned by your limitations; or simply put, your carnal self.

There are people who argue that they need a change of scenery, a new life, a new place of "being", so that they might change.

I am working hard to prove this otherwise. I do believe that if someone is going to be the change the want to see, they have to start between the four walls.

Why, because your mind and heart are what need to change. That vessel of yours needs to be rebuilt and strengthened in order to withstand the dangers of the universe.

Have I confused you yet? I'm just trying to say that.....Nothing will make this world better, unless the world inside you is better.

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