Sunday, February 18, 2007

It's been a while...So I'll start with something I love....women =)

Last night, a young brother and I were leaving a University campus, there was a lecturer discussing the rights of oppressed peoples in a "so called" democratic land in the Middle East. We walked out, not only mezmorized at what we learned from the speaker. We couldn't help but notice something.

The women at this conference were definately one of a kind. They were shockingly beautiful, sometimes, I couldn't help but stare like I was just hypnotized. Apart from their completely unique physical appearance, it was something else that made them so arabic, we call it two things; Izzah & Istekama.

I have an obsession with these two terms; they are my favorite words in the arabic dictionary.
Izza means self-respect; something so many people lack....unforunately, it's plagued many women.
Istekama means up-rightness, firmness & dignity; again, its something so many of us lack.

These two elements make anyone beautiful; you can see it in their posture, their eyes, their voice.....essentially, its the foundation to their soul.

Anyways, back to women...
These women are the offspring of an oppressed people. They're obviously aware of the torment their people are enduring and I am wondering....these characteristics (Izzah & Istekama) tend to be of those who value their: a) a humanity b) a womanhood/manhood c) a spiritual 'being' d) their roots
What did the knowledge of those 4 points give them??

I thought....apart from their gentle smiles, comforting voices, welcoming attitudes, piercing eyes & mountain moving hips.....
what made these women worthy of humility was their understaning of the value of life.

I'm sure if I wanted to list the attributes of these women, I could go on 'till the wee hours of the morning, but I'll stop here saying....

How in GOD's name do you ask a muhajibah for her phone number????

Yeah I'm whack.....I know it, but I'm still a ging'gas'tar.

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Anonymous said...

you don't you ask for her father's number LMAO