Sunday, February 18, 2007

A discourse on universality

The personal is the universal.

This is probably a poor way of trying to understand life, but I justify my understanding of humanity by saying: "I am a human, therefore I represent the entire human race".

By this I mean that, the experiences and encounters I meet are universal; that most or all human's will/have experienced them. From the billions who lived before us, the billions among us and God knows of the amount that will live after us.

I would have to say all humans (according to my limited perspective) will experience certain things that are constant with what all humans experience while living on this planet.

So anyways, when I say "we as humans"; I am mentioning something I've experienced. However, I also believe it is a universal experience; such that all humans will experience it or have experienced it.

Keep in mind, no one knows how we feel. However, this is a result of unique perception. "We as humans" are so unque that we all see the same thing, but interpret it differently.

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