Monday, March 29, 2010

Breaking the Wall

Running is incredibly boring for the average person. Taking strides, street after street can be very unstimulating for some. Then there are people who appreciate the freedom of long distance running. It's your time to get a lot of thinking done while you train yourself to run longer and harder. It's the hour of freedom from the world as you zero in on your body; your brain chanting and motivating you to run harder and to never quit.

Us runners are aware of something, it's called the wall. It's the point of complete physical exhaustion. You try to run & your body refuses to move. Your mind's prowess cannot overcome the intimidating wall & you essentially give up. Some people carry on walking, other try to run & it's usually embarrassing.

However, in the midst of all your exhaustion and pain as you try to move past the wall - it suddenly shatters under its own weight & heroically, you blast off as if you were at the peak of your endurance. This is the golden moment for us runners - where our minds have given up - our bodies have haulted & in a short second - you've igniting and taken off like a wolf.

As you're aware, this is all metaphor for my topic of discussion: it is, "surpassing your limitations" - I will write more tomorrow as for now, I'm exhausted.