Sunday, November 08, 2009

To witness the blooming flowers....

Grand, isn't it?

To watch something unfold before your very eyes?
Something that seems so subtle, so natural and profoundly sacred.

To witness it unfold and bloom without the intervention of humanity.
From the bulb - out comes a portrait - one sculpted by the potent phrase "be"...and it became.

Such a portrait is worthy to be seen only by the patient.
For the inpatient cannot bare to watch something take its time and unfold slowly.

The inpatient must see it immediately - so much to the extent that they cannot bare the idea that something hessitates and prepares for its exposure to planet earth.

The inpatient one thrashes at the bulb, some open it gently.
Regardless, they failed to give the bulb the need to open up naturally.

The bulb dies - only to unveil that the hidden portrait within
was too beautiful for the world.
and perished quickly

Some care not.

cursed for life are the inpatient - lost for life are the careless.


Anonymous said...

This is really nice :) you actually write all of these yourself?:)

Neil Hajhassan said...

Yea, I wrote them :-)

they're okay...

Anonymous said...

Okay? Nah,
Their beautiful :)

Neil Hajhassan said...

camon...they're nothing.

But thanks :-)

Anonymous said...

Your welcome :)