Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Gift of Anger.

I am not tired, nor am I lazy.
I am not unjust, nor am I blind.
my anger is not a result of instinct.
it is a result of rationale.

I rationalized, thought about and realized that if I wasn't angry about the death of the innocent, I would be well adjusted to a f*cked up society. A society that is ill-prinicpled and self-absorbed and cares only for their wealth.

I am not adjusted to a f*cked up society, I am it's polar opposite;
staring at it;
studying it's every move;
and preparing to enlighten it.

Shedding light on the moral ills of modern humanity, or lack there of.
Telling people they need to be angry, they need to utilize the one gift of sheer rage - at the only thing worthy of anger - oppression.

Politicians staying quiet,
politicians working strictly for votes
bending backwards for a ballot that will probably score them some points for a short period of time,
but eventually that paper ballot is what will choke them when the scent of children's blood doesn't leave their hands.

I am angry,
and for the sake of what is just.

One of these days, my anger will manifest - and you will be angry like me.

and we'll bring back humanity together.

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Jojo AH TV said...


Indeed anger is a gift from Allah SWT. For without anger how could ever proactivly work against injustice? I agree with you 100%, the time is soon when our anger will manifest, and this anger, the anger of Allah, will finally abolish the injustice from the face of this earth, and finally relieve us from the burning desire to extinguish this massive falsehood we live in. To extinguish this unforgivable effort to eradicate truth, justice and freedom. Inshallah The Coming of the Perfect Man is eminent. And the righteous will be on his side, the proactive fighters of injustice in this time of times. And we will win, and we will win inshallah.