Friday, October 10, 2008

Dear Mr. Dryden...

Tis the season to elect another professional liar...
At one point we could have argued the need to find a politician who is the lesser of the evils. At one point before that, we could have chosen the better of the two.

Now, we live in a meat grinder, both sides are equally destructive, not a single place to turn for the sake of greater governance.

Mr. Ken Dryden, I personally appeal to you and your lack luster Superior. When you approve the necessity to collectively punish an entire population of innocent civilians, you have lived up to the same standards as your slave-ship fore-fathers. You have failed to evolve beyond foul principles that orchestrated the holocaust. You remain as primative...pardon me, as sub-primative as the mass murders who claimed to be doing the earth a favor, when all they did was wreck havok amongst them.

Regardless of my paternal heritage, regardless of my ancestry, and regardless of my blood line Mr. Dryden, I am a human being - one that understands that regardless of someone's race and political affiliation, all innocent civilians are entitled to peace and freedom from terror and oppression.

Any rational human being, one who bares a mind and a heart, understands the logic that the collective punishment of any innocent civilians (regardless of their geographical location, race, or suposid political affiliations) is against the natural and unbreakable law of freedom from punishment.

Why have you approved of the collective punishment of an innocent group of civilians? Do you want to be voted in that badly? do you want the paycheque and approval so badly? Do you really want that "authority" so bloody badly? An authority underneath a leader who lacks the characterisitics of a diplomat?

Excuse me Mr. Dryden, you've stooped lower than the one party your superior attacks consistently. You've truly become the man who stands for nothing and will fall for anything.

God Speed to you Mr. Dryden, enjoy this life and the luxuries you desire. Enjoy your "authority and power" while it lasts, because it'll come to a point when you'll beg for freedom from oppression, freedom from the hell you advocated on behalf of.

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