Friday, August 18, 2006

As many have forgotten, the relationship between the student and teacher is a sacred one...

The commercialization of studies has almost nullified the sacred and precious relationship between a student and his or her master/teacher. The relationship between a teacher and their students is half of the learning process, when it becomes impersonal the greater the likelyhood of the students lacking genuine and direct inspiration.

My blog's are not of significant importance, however; over the summer I spent several months with the student of a grand Ayatollah in Iran (known for his works on spiritual purification) the kind mind was teaching me classical arabic and conjugation.

We eventually evolved into friends before he took the role as "master" and I took the role as "student". He taught me out of the kindness of his heart and I accepted what ever he said; however I was still defiant.

He modestly taught me the responsibilities of the community elders and the ones endowed with education; he also taught me the responsibilities of student and the rights they entrust to eachother.

Nevertheless it was phenominal, it was a system, where complete trust in the teachers knowledge is the foundation of the relationship; and the pursuit of knowledge had no borders. The student was at the mercy of the teacher and contrary to what you might think, the teacher never took advantage. The teacher was far more fearful of God than any of his students and did not dare to transgress. The teacher feels his/her purpose is to enlighten their students, through mutual understanding, open-mindedness and also....obedience.

This relationship is sacred, education has become commericalized (which is normal and constant in modern western civilization) but this sacred essence, unfortunately, has melted away. These universal codes could even be applied to secular education.

My question is: If our education system is consistently facing budget cuts, growing skepticism and different perspectives that not all can agree with, how can each student be taught the fundamental spiritual characteristic of trust if teachers dont fill the hearts of their students with it?

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